Our Daly Chestnut Sauce is made from selected and fresh chestnut. The chestnut is baked at a high temperature with several professional, complicated processes. The special taste of our syrup can also bring you the French Mont Blanc flavor, and you will taste the most natural chestnut with our Chestnut Sauce!

【What is special】

1. No need to spend your time on peeling and washing. Instantly enjoy the taste of fresh chestnut!

 2. It can be directly mixed into hot drinks to enhance the flavor of the beverage

 3. It has a special aroma of roasted chestnut, and French Mont Blanc flavor.

 4. No pigments and preservatives added.

【Where you can find】

Juice shop, coffee house, bar, etc.

【What you can make】

Roasted chestnut milk tea, chestnut black tea latte, chestnut milk tea, etc.

【Basic Infomation.】

Content:1.3 kg/btl

Packing:12 btl/ctn

Storage:12 months at room temperature

Please contact us for more infomation.