Our Toffee Pistachio Syrup is the one of special items of nut-flavored syrup on the market. With the aroma of toffee, it can enhance the flavor of roasting pistachio. Our syrup gives you a new choice with a special taste and aroma compared to other flavored syrup.

【What is special】

1.Made of specially selected carbohydrates, and all processes have been strictly inspected.

2. Toffee pistachio syrup, with a strong, unique taste. Once you try our syrup, you will have a memorable experience with a sweet taste but not greasy.

3. Toffee pistachio syrup can be mixed easily with all drinks like fresh milk, tea, coffee. 

【Where you can find】

Tea shop, coffee shop, restaurant, etc.

【What you can make】

Toffee latte, toffee caramel milk tea, toffee black tea, etc.; it can also be the dressing on drinks (such as foaming whipped cream, custard sauce) with a little stirring!

  【Basic Information】

Contents: 0.96 kg/can

packing: 15 cans/ctn

Storage: 18 months at room temperature


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