Our Camellia Syrup from strictly selected and high-quality sugar with perfect proportion to present the aroma of roses and peony. It is the few floral syrups that can match the premium coffee. Our syrup not only can enhance the value of coffee but refresh your experience of coffee!!

【What is special】

1. A few high-quality syrups that can be added to premium coffee.

2. A syrup developed with the coffee master.

【Where you can find】

coffee shop, tea house, bakery store, restaurant, etc.

【What you can make】

Camellia latte, camellia milk tea, camellia-flavored jelly/dessert/bread, etc.

【Basic Information】

Content:0.96 kg/btl

Packing:15 btls/ctn

Storage:18 months at room temperature 

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