Genesis apple sauce is made of selected high-quality apples. After several tests and adjustments, we found the best proportion and taste which is also the most popular reason by consumers. Our genesis apple pulp sauce does not add any food coloring, and you can see fresh apple in it.   The instant and simple design make our fresh and delicious apple pulp sauce easily used anytime, especially for the catering industry.

【What is special】

1.  We use fresh apple to produce directly to retain the most original taste of pineapple, and present the most natural flavor.

2. No need to spend your time on peeling and washing. Instantly enjoy the taste of fresh fruits!!

3. It is more convenient to store than regular apple, and reducing the cost of storage.

4. It can be used as a special fruit sauce to match flavored tea, ice products, light salad dressing, and baking desserts.

【Where you can find】

Juice shop, ice cream shop, coffee house, bar, tea shop.

【What you can make】

Apple Lemonade, Kiwi Apple Juice, Papaya Apple Juice, Apple Guava Juice

【Basic Information】

Content:1.1 kg/btl

Packing:15 btls/ctn 

Storage:10 months bat room temperature.

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