Genesis Peach Pulp Sauce is made with imported peaches as the base. Our peaches are made from fresh peaches during the season June to August to keep the best taste. Our Peach Pulp Sauce does not add any pigment.  The instant and simple design make our fresh and delicious peach pulp sauce easily used anytime, especially for the catering industry

【What is special】

1. The pulp is made with peeled yellow peach with quick-frozen technique, and white peach juice is added. The peach scent is refreshing and attractive, sweet and slightly sour.

2. Our peach is perfect with tea. You can smell the unique smell of yellow perch, and after balance with tea, it brings out a more coordinated fruity aroma.

3. It can be directly blended into juice drinks; Instantly enjoy the taste of fresh fruits!!

 ** There is no artificial coloring in. It is a natural phenomenon that the color will bit brown under room temperature for a long. **

【Where you can find】

Juice shop, tea shop, bakery shop, ice shop, bar

【What you can make】

White peach oolong tea or soda, peach yogurt, peach smoothie, peach cocktail juices, flavored fruit teas, ice products, light salad dressings, baked desserts, etc.

【Basic Information】

Content:1.1 kg/can

Packing:15 can/ctn

Storage:10 months at room temperature

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