Our Orange Pulp Sauce can be added in most of drinks to present different flavor, and it tastes like freshly squeezed orange. It can be frozen for 24 months if it is unopened, and it can be refrigerated for 12 months after opening, which is enough to meet general storing needs. The instant and simple design make our fresh and delicious orange pulp sauce easily used anytime, especially for the catering industry

【What is special】

1. Our oranges are imported from Brazil, Florida and Belize. Sweet and sour taste make our sauce perfectly match with most of teas.

2. Orange is full of vitamin C and minerals, antioxidant, and also can promote the formation of collagen.

3. It is the best raw material for flavored iced tea. No need to spend your time on peeling and washing. Instantly enjoy the taste of fresh fruits!!

4. It can be used as flavored coffee, salad dressing, or ice dessert, and it can also be mixed in smoothies, milkshake, etc.

【Where you can find】

Juice shop, ice cream shop, coffee house, bar, tea shop.

【What you can make】

Orange green tea, Orange Oolong, Nitro Cold Brew, Orange Fruit Mousse

【Basic information】

Content:1.0 kg/can

Packing15 can/ctn

StorageFrozen (below -18℃) unopened(24months)

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