Our Genesis Grapefruit Pulp Sauce is full of pulp, fiber and without any preservative, so it needs to be refrigerated. It matches with many kinds of different tea to make flavored grapefruit tea.   The instant and simple design make our fresh and delicious tropical pulp sauce easily used anytime, especially for the catering industry.

【What is special】

1.  Our grapefruit is selected from South African ruby ​​grapefruit, with bright red color. The pulp is sweet and slightly sour, which is perfectly matched with all kind of summer drinks.

2.  Grapefruit is full of vitamin C and minerals, antioxidant capacity, and also can promote the formation of collagen and digestion. One of the key nutrients for skin care, its calories are lower than orange.

3. No need to spend your time on peeling and washing. Instantly enjoy the taste of fresh fruits!!

4. It can be used as flavored coffee, salad dressing or ice dessert, and it can also be served as smoothies.

【Where you can find】

Tea shop, coffee house, etc.

【What you can make】

Grapefruit fruit tea, grapefruit coffee

【Basic Information】

Content:1.0 kg/can

Packing :15 cans/ctn 

Storage: 24 months (Frozen, below -18℃, unopened)

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