Our Daly Litchi Fruit Sauce is selected from high-quality Litchi Chinensis Sonn, and the litchi content is as high as 40%. With our litchi sauce, you can easily make all kinds of flavor drinks, especially with tea. Rich aroma and great taste make our litchi sauce unique and popular!

【What is special】

1. Our Daly Fruit Sauce contains 40% natural litchi juice, which is the best proportion of litchi sauce.

2. Our sauce matches with all kinds of flavored tea, jelly, cheese milk foam, sparkling water, beer, etc.

3. No need to spend your time on peeling and washing. Instantly enjoy the taste of fresh fruits. Also, you can enjoy the taste of fresh fruits instantly!

【Where you can find】

Juice shop, ice shop, cafe, bar

【What you can make】

Litchi wine, rose litchi tea, litchi rose tea jelly, litchi orange sparkling water, etc.

【Basic Information.】

Content:1.3 kg/ can

Packing:12 can/ ctn

Storage:10 months at room temperature. Avoid high temperature and sunlight, refrigerate after opening.

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