The fruit juice content of our Daly Passion Fruit Sauce is high as about 40-50%, and our passion fruit is imported from Peru. After the strictly quality control and the balanced percentage of our sauce from our R & D team, we keep the most natural flavor in it. If you prefer an easy-making flavor tea, Daly Passion Fruit Sauce is your best choice.

【Special features】

1. Our sauce is ed with passion fruit juice and Taiwanese granulated sugar, which can present the most original aroma of passion fruit.

2. Our Daly Passion Fruit Juice can be used on any food or drinks such as tea, jelly, drizzle, sparkling water, beer, cocktails, smoothies, salads, etc.

3. Passion fruit has high nutrition. It is beneficial elements to the human body, such as protein, multiple amino acids, vitamin C, phosphorus, iron, calcium, and crude fiber, which can promote metabolism.

【Where you can find】

Tea shop, juice shop, ice products house, etc.

【What you can make】

Lemon passion fruit juice with honey, passion fruit pineapple juice, passion fruit jelly, passion fruit green tea, passion fruit jelly, etc.

【Basic Information】

Content:1.3 kg/btl

Packing:12 btls/ctn

Storage:10 months at room temperature

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