FlavMore Pudding Sha is made by Maulin with High-quality pudding powder. With the simple instruction, it only takes less than five minutes to make, all you need to do is following steps and wait. It can be used to make fresh fruit pudding or the milk pudding! Our Pudding Sha is the best choice for making dessert and beverage topping. It is also the indispensable material for the catering industry.

【What is special】

1. Our Pudding Powder is strictly selected from high quality powder, mixing with vegetable gum and creamer.

2. Unique flavor, mellow and smooth taste; Also can be stored at room temperature to reduce costs.

3. Highly variable to make beverage, ice product.

4. Simple instruction and easy storage.

【Where you can find】

Tea shop, Juicy shop, dessert house, ice cream shop, etc.

【What you can make】

All pudding products.

【Basic Informaiton】

Content:1.0 kg/pack

Packing:20 packs/ctn

Storage:18 months at room temperature

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