FlavMore Sea Salt Milk Foam Powder is a high-quality, soluble powder with a mellow, smooth, and slightly salty taste. Its rich milk flavor is superior to normal whipped cream. To enjoy this fabulous milk foam, simply stir the powder with ice water for 3 minutes. The FlavMore Sea Salt Milk Foam Powder is easier to store compared to fresh cream.

【What is special】
1. Match with all kinds of coffee and tea.
2. The rich flavor taste is the key point to match all kinds of beverages. 
3. Can also be mixed with cocoa, matcha powder, chocolate syrup, or jam to make different flavor foam.
4. Only need to blend with milk then you can get wonderful milk foam!

【Versatile Use】
Tea shop, juice store, coffee house and more.

【What you can make】
Sea Salt Milk Cheese Foam with black/green/matcha/milk tea, sea salt milk cheese strawberry drink, coffee/cocoa with sea salt milk cheese and more.

【Basic Info.】
Weight: 1.0 kg/pack
Packing: 20 packs/ctn 
Storage: Stored at room temperature for 18 months in an unopened condition. 
*Keep in a cool and dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.  

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