FlavMore Mint Chocolate Smoothie Powder is made by blending plant gum and premium mint chocolate powder with carefully selected, high-quality powder raw materials. When added to smoothies, it creates a softer and smoother texture. In the summer, adding this powder can also slow down the melting speed of the smoothie. Compared to plain smoothie powder, this product adds a mint chocolate flavor that enhances the richness of the taste when blended with other ingredients. This creates a better product appearance and customer experience.

1. Improves the texture and appearance of smoothies, while also slowing down their melting speed.

2. Adds a mint chocolate flavor, simplifies the production process, and reduces costs.
3. The taste is richer than traditional methods and can be standardized, making it easy to add menu items and increase product variety while managing costs.
4. The Mint Chocolate Smoothie Powder has passed FSSC22000, HACCP, ISO22000, and HALAL inspections. This makes it an ideal addition to various ice products and a great choice for the food and beverage industry.

【Versatile Use】
Ice product, tea shop, bar and more.

【What you can make】
Mint Chocolate Smoothie, Mint Chocolate Ice Cream, Mango Smoothie and more.

【Basic Info.】
Weight: 1.0 kg/pack
Packing: 20 packs/ctn 
Storage: Stored at room temperature for 18 months in an unopened condition. 
*Keep in a cool and dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.  

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