FlavMore Cappuccino Smoothie Powder is added with vegetable gum, and imported high-quality coffee powder which has the smoothy aroma of coffee than others. With our powder, you can easily make any cappuccino-flavored drinks or desserts; also, our powder can make the smoothies last longer without melting.

【What is special】

1. Rich the taste of the smoothie and slow down the melting.

2. Simple instruction and storage.

3. If you are a cappuccino smoothies addict, you can try our powder to create your own smoothies!!


【Where you can find】

Ice product, tea shop, bar, etc.

【What you can make】

Cappuccino Smoothie, Cappuccino Ice Cream, Mango Smoothie

【Basic Information】

Content:1.0 kg/pack

Packing20 packs/ctn

Storage 18 months at room temperature


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