Learning how to make beverages

  1. Basic concerns of beverages
  2. Professional Knowledge – store management and skills
  3. How to save costs and avoid wasting from mistakes


  1.  Idea and creation of products
  2.  Menu content and items
  3.  Calculation of product cost

Purchase raw materials

  1. Recognize the raw material supplier
  2. Check the understanding level of raw material 
  3. Final confirmation of raw material items

Choice of machine equipments

  1. Purchase machine equipments – coffee machine, refrigerator
  2. Purchase small items – cups, spoons, straw.
  3. Final confirmation of consumables suppliers

Choice of store location

  1. Analysis of store local
  2. Target marketing
  3. Marketing research

Brand design and store style

  1. Create Business image
  2. Decision of store style and market position
  3. Make design plan and schedule

Building & Repairing project

  1. Contract of building and date of complete
  2. Check the process and step
  3.  QC control & acceptance of work and payment.

Employee Training

  1. Selection & training
  2. Code of practice
  3. Management & arrangement

Trial operation

  1. Schedule of trial operation
  2. Market feedback


  1. Analysis of customers’ feedback
  2. Fine -tune

Official opening

  1. Commercial plan
  2. Promotion for opening
  3. Delivery service