Our Daly Brown Sugar Syrup is strictly selected from Taiwan's local brown sugar and maltose without other sugar to present the best brown sugar flavor. This brown sugar syrup is easy to do tiger veins and “wall hanging” on glass. Our brown sugar syrup is the most important element to make brown sugar milk tea, and make the drink colorful and tasted. You can not only taste wonderful brown sugar but use it to dress, like ice cream, muffin, pancake, beverages etc.

【What is special】

1. It is perfectly matched with any drinks or dessert such as milk tea, coffee, smoothies, ice cream.

2. It can be stored at room temperature, reducing the cost of storage.

【Where you can find】

Tea shop, juice shop, ice-products, coffee house, bakery store, bar, etc.

【 What you can make】

Brown sugar boba milk tea, brown sugar milk foam, shaped ice, brown sugar pudding, coffee, brown sugar latte, etc.

【Basic Infomation】


Packing:12 btls/ctn

Storage:12month at room temperature

Please contact us for more infomation.