Cristory- Original Flavor is made from imported Konjac Powder. The convenience and the instance are the most popular point of our magic jelly. You can also bring the personnel and logistics costs down for the owner.

It is convenient and easy for you to enjoy  Jelly boba without any cooking process. Our Magic Jelly is chewy and the texture can be extended for the long term in cold beverages.

【What is special】

1. Fat FREE and LOW calories!

2. Our magic jelly will not be affected by the temperature of the liquid.

3. No need to cook and the syrup can be used to enhance the taste of beverages.

【Where you can find】

 Tea shop, Juicy shop, dessert house, ice cream shop, restaurant, etc.

【What you can make】

Another choice of ingredient: Match most of drinks, you can add our jelly in any beverage or dessert.
【Basic Information】

Content :3.3 kg/can, solid:1.9 kg, liquid: 1.4 kg

Packing:4 cans/ctn 

Storage:room temperature 12 months

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