GENISION Camellia Syrup has a subtle and elegant fragrance of camellia. It is one of the few floral flavors that can add an elegant touch to the aroma of coffee. Combining GENISION Camellia Syrup with coffee can extend the aftertaste and aroma of your coffee, making the layers more complete.

【Special Features】
1. One of the few high-quality syrups that can be added to premium coffee.
2. A syrup developed with the expertise of a coffee master.

【Versatile Use】
GENISION Camellia Syrup can be used in tea shops, coffee houses, ice cream shops, bakeries, dessert shops, and restaurants, among other places.

【What You Can Make】
Using GENISION Camellia Syrup, you can create a variety of drinks and desserts, including camellia latte, camellia milk tea, camellia-flavored jelly, bread, and more.

【Basic Info.】
Weight: 0.96 kg/btl
Packing: 15 btls/ctn
Storage: Stored at room temperature for 18 months in an unopened condition. 
*Keep in a cool and dry place away from heat and direct sunlight. 
*Refrigerate after opened, consume as soon as possible.


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