GENISION Peach Pulp Sauce is made with imported peaches as the base. Fresh peaches are selected during the growing season from June to August to preserve the best taste of Peach Pulps. GENISION Peach Pulp Sauce does not add any artificial coloring to it. It can be clearly seen that the peach pulp is the main one, and every bite is full of sweet taste.
【What is special】
1. Real Peach - GENISION Peach Pulp Sauce is made with peeled yellow peaches using quick-freezing techniques. It has chunks of peach and white peach juice, resulting in a sweet and tart aroma.
2. Ready to Serve - No peeling or washing required. GENISION Pulp Sauce series is a popular choice among bubble tea shops in Taiwan due to its convenience, freshness, and just-right sweetness.
3. Multiple Uses - Peach-flavored drinks and snacks are ideal for a variety of occasions. Try oolong tea, soda, yogurt, smoothie, cocktail, flavored fruit teas, and ice products.
4. Perfect Fruit Tea - Our peach is also ideal for tea. Its unique yellow peach aroma is complemented by the balance of tea, creating a harmonious fruity scent.
5. Made by MAULIN - Hi! We are Maulin, based in Taiwan - the birthplace of Bubble Tea - with over two decades of experience in creating beverage products!
 ** No artificial coloring added. The product color will turn brown after stored at room temperature for a long time. It is a natural phenomenon. **
【Basic Info.】
Volume: 900ml/btl
Packing: 15 btls/ctn
Storage: Stored at room temperature for 10 months in an unopened condition. 
*Keep in a cool and dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.
*Refrigerate after opened, consume as soon as possible.


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