GENISION - Mixed Berries Pulp Sauce is made with fresh mulberries, blueberries, and raspberries as the base. After several tests, we present you the most comprehensive berry flavor. The sweetness and sourness make the flavor more layered and richer. The instant and simple design make our fresh and delicious berries pulp sauce easily used anytime, especially for the catering industry.
【What is special】
1. Moderately sweet and sour taste perfectly matches with tea and easily makes the aromatic and smooth stronger. It is an excellent matching material for various fruit teas.
2. It can be mixed into juice drinks directly, no need to spend your time on peeling and washing.
3. Perfectly matched with juice, flavored tea, ice product, dessert, and jams.
【Versatile Use】
Juice shop, tea shop, bakery shop, ice shop, bar and more.
【What you can make】
Lavender honey berry sparkling drinks, berry sparkling drinks, berry cocktail, berry ice cream.
【Basic Info.】
Weight: 1.1 kg/btl
Packing: 15 btls/ctn
Storage :  Stored at room temperature for 10 months in an unopened condition. 
*Keep in a cool and dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.
*Refrigerate after opened, consume as soon as possible.
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