Daly Mango Sauce is made from seasonal mango and stew with sugar in our recipe to bring out the aroma of fresh mango, which contains mango juice up to 40%. With our mango sauce, you can make all kinds of mango flavor drinks effortlessly, rich aroma and great taste make our mango sauce unique and popular.

【What is special】
1. Daly Mango Sauce contains 46% of natural mango juice in it, and we made it with the best sour-sweet ratio.
2. Open and use without any further steps like washing and peeling.
3. Can be stored at room temperature for 10 months.*

【Versatile Use】
Teashop, coffee house, dessert shop, bakery, restaurant, bar, homemade and more.

【What you can make】
Mango smoothie, ice cream, fruit tea, mango cheese milk foam, mango jelly, cocktail and more.

【Basic Info.】
Weight: 1.3 kg/btl
Packing: 12 btls/ctn

Storage: Stored at room temperature for 10 months in an unopened condition. 
*Keep in a cool and dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.
*Refrigerate after opened, consume as soon as possible.

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