Our Genesis Lemon Fruit Sauce is not regular lemon essence, you can taste the fiber of lemon in our sauce. The fruit pulp content is more than 60% and tastes like a freshly squeezed lemon. While you having a cool lemon drink in the hot summer, you will have a brand-new experience with our lemon!

【What is special】

1. It can be matched with other sweet flavor fruits or drinks to make it more memorable.

2. No need to spend your time on peeling and washing. Instantly enjoy the taste of fresh lemon!

3. It can be used to make light salad dressing, or be added to ice products or baking. Highly various.

4. No preservatives are added 

【Where you can find】

Tea shop, coffee house, ice shop, bakery, dessert store, etc.

【What you can make】

Lemon black tea, honey lemon tea, watermelon with lemon, lemon sparkling drink with matcha, etc.

【Basic Information】

Content:1.1 kg/ btl

Packing:15 btl/ctn

Storage:24 months (frozen below -18°C, unopened)

Please contact us for more informaiton.