Strawberry Gem is also called Strawberry Popping Boba. We have many flavors of the magic gem, customized flavor is also accepted. We use special technology to coat fresh strawberry juice into it, and it gives a “pop” sound when you bite the outer membrane lightly.  Our popping boba not only tastes great but looks like red pearls. You can enjoy beautiful pearls and taste them at the same time!

【What is special】

1. Our popping boba can withstand high temperature to 90℃ and can be added to hot drinks (but it affects the taste if stay at high temperature for a long time)

2. The strawberry syrup (liquid) can be added as strawberry flavor syrup to drinks or ice products. 

3. Not only the special taste but interesting and fun.

4. Simple instruction, easy to enjoy!

【Where you can find】

Tea shop, ice-cream shop, bar, etc.

【What you can make】

Topping in any beverage, ice cream shop,

【Basic Information.】

Content:3.1kg/can;Solid :1.9kg

Packing4 cans/ctn

Storage18 months at room temperature. Keep away from high temperature and sunlight. Please refrigerate after opening.


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