Our Daly Caramel Milk Tea Sauce can also be used as Toffee Caramel Sauce, Caramel Milk Sauce, French Caramel Sauce, etc. The rich caramel taste and selected condensed milk make our syrup smooth and tasty. Our caramel syrup requires precise heat control during production. The accurate operation is the key point to the perfect caramel!

【 What is special 】

1. Adding maltose to reduce the taste of cloying, the unique caramel aroma, and the perfect proportion of caramel milk tea sauce with selected condensed milk.

2. Use the low temperature (below 50°C) technique to keep the best flavor.

3. Because of the condensed milk, our caramel milk tea syrup can present several levels of milky taste and mellow which makes our syrup different and unique from others.

4. Can be used on coffee and replace creamer and sugar to make it more flavorful.

【Where you can find】

Tea shop, coffee house, bakery, etc.

【What you can make】

Hokkaido-style milk tea, caramel macchiato, caramel banana walnut cake, caramel banana toast.

【Basic infomation】

Content:1.3 kg/btl

Packing12 btls/ctn

Storage12 months at room temperature

Please contact us for more infomation.